The Safari Butler

By combining a taste for adventure with a passion for exceptional food cooked over flames The Safari Butler aims to bring an element of sophistication and elegance to the most remote destinations.Accompanied by a fully stocked 4x4 rugged bush kitchen with a dinning room, you'll be feasting in style surrounded by untamed African wilderness.

Your Day with a Safari Butler


Wake up to the call of the African bush and the indulgent smell of coffee roasting on an open fire and accompanied by freshly baked beer can Muffins.

Sit down to a full English breakfast or Eggs Benedict with crispy bacon and pan fried cherry tomatoes. If you're feeling particularly festive; let’s celebrate and pop some champagne!


After a morning of bush activities, settle down to a hearty Bush Burger, laced with cheese, guacamole, spiced salsa and thick cut fries, or indulge in a homemade bush pasta and carbonara with fresh bread baked in a potjie pot. Maybe even tuck into a Buddha Bowl, a myriad of infused flavors and fresh ingredients, whilst enjoying a glass of crisp white wine.

Be sure to have your binoculars on hand as bush life never stops!


As the African sun sets, with a spectacular show of colors and incredible scenes to gaze upon, it time to put up your weary feet and let The Safari Butler pour you an infused gin and tonic accompanied by bush snacks, such as Africa's favorite Biltong, to compliment “A moment in Africa”


Dinner in the bush is the crescendo to a great day. It is the finale that brings everyone together to tell stories of your day's adventures, to share what you saw and what you experienced.

Hence it is only fitting that a Safari Butler Dinner, is to tell its own story through food, food and more food. Sizzling sirloins steak, pan fried Kariba bream in garlic butter laced with lemon juice. Chicken kebabs marinated in an Asian infusion, all plated out on teak boards in a buffet style. Add fired butternut, pan fried carrots and courgettes, roasted crushed potatoes and a French salad, and you’re good to go.…

The Butler's Duties

The Feast

Specializing in catering in the most remote destinations in the African Bush, the Safari Butler brings a degree of sophistication and luxury to the most rustic of campsites. Let the Safari Butler be your private safari chef and indulge in the flavours of Africa, delight in delectable fire cooked foods and experience the extraordinary creativity of a true bush kitchen like never before!

The Wine Cellar

The importance of a wine cellar or an adjusted bush cellar is to store your favorite tipple and making sure the important factors, such as temperature and humidity are controlled and maintained in the perfect environment. In the African heat it's important to make sure your favorite refreshment is always on hand!

The Dining Room

At the safari butler, we pride ourselves on creating exciting and spectacular bush dining rooms, which bring out the beauty of Africa to fulfill all potential in a setting.
Our dining rooms are designed to a seamless and fun sense of true bush life with twist of quality and abundance.

The Pantry

Let the safari butler do all the planning and procurement for you or your client's safari. We'll put together a menu plan and stock a pantry that is enticing and exciting; one that can last the extreme conditions in the bush. Our menus are designed to be inventive as well as to bring out the best in a bush setting, with tried and tested recipes and creative new ideas.

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